How This Works


The Portfolio

A brief description of the projects included in the portfolio will always be on this website for review.  Further details will be included in the monthly reports sent via email to unit holders.

Incubation Period

All unit holders should expect that it takes time to develop business models and implement them and that an incubation period should be expected for the selected ventures to bear fruit.   You'll see the progress in the monthly reports. 


Distributions are entirely dependent upon the cash flow of the ventures involved.  There is no guarantee that monthly distributions will always occur or in what amount.  When they do occur certificate unit holders will be asked to apply for their own gold coin debit card as the medium of choice to access and receive distributed funds. 


Members have the opportunity, but not the obligation to make an exchange of value i.e. fiat currency, gold, cryptocurrency etc. for a certificate unit of the trust which represents a claim to the pro-rata share of distributions. Monthly reports provide details on the progress of the ventures, club issues and related topics of interest to certificate unit holders.


One of the trustees is a fully authorized European financial services firm with an international financial license issued by the central bank of the country of its domicile and is regulated and governed accordingly.  

Enrollment Process & Guarantee

The initial exchange should be $1000 for 4 certificate units.  Thereafter, you may add to your participation by the amount of $500 or 2 certificate units (or multiples thereof) at a time.  Once you make your order from this page, you will receive an exchange contract and a copy of the trust to review in detail.  This will be provided within 5 business days of your order.  If for any reason the exchange contract is not signed and returned by you within 10 business days from the date of the order, the order will be rejected and refunded in full.