International Business development


International Financial Services & Asset Management

MMG is developing an international network of companies and related infrastructure to provide unique services as an alternative to traditional financial management.  See the website at MMG.World

The Current Projects

MMG is currently in process of raising $100k for continuing development of its network.  Specifically this includes developing a new financial services operation which provides a gateway to Europe. with MMG Finance LLC in Tbilisi Georgia. Additionally, MMG Finance and MMG are both working to support the development of the Avitance Global Consulting project and the global introduction of 'Q-Bonds' and 'The 'Pasterra' Global DLT  Exchange' This will greatly expand the services and capabilities of MMG and thus increase profitability. 

Regional licensing centers are currently in development in Panama, the republic of Georgia  and Switzerland.  

See the  video on the Avitance Global project but do not share it.  This is for members eyes only. Click Here

The Deal

What we've negotiated with MMG is a 20% revenue share on gross profits from the newly formed company up to the point of receiving 3x our funds back at which time the note would be cancelled.