Notice & Disclaimer


Your Use of this website presumes your understanding of the following terms and conditions

This is not a public solicitation.  You are here by way of personal invitation of one of our known members.  The trust certificates offered to members are not securities.  They represent no beneficial interest in assets nor do they represent any underlying asset value other than the right to claim a pro-rata share of distributions of the trust made by the trustees if or when ever made.  Direct participation is not offered within the UNITED STATES.  U.S. resident citizens are directed to contact the Lighthouse Investment Club (C-101) for further information.  Each trust is created and managed without the U.S.  and is limited to 50 members whereby a new trust is then created.  The trusts are created on behalf of, and managed by, a fully  licensed European fiduciary company authorized by the central bank of its country of domicile.  It operates internationally and further details will be made available when prospective members request to make an exchange conditional upon mutual understanding and acceptance.  Upon acceptance, the primary transaction is commercial in nature whereby we are fractionalizing license rights from Avitance Global Consulting (one of the ventures) and then the additional participations are considered ancillary or 'bonus' activities.  Full disclosure is made as described on the 'How It Works' page and in the trust indenture document which is available to certificate unit holders.  There is no representation of any kind on this page or elsewhere regarding potential returns. Each individual must rely on his own knowledge and experience in business to establish for himself what might be possible in that regard.  Visitors here recognize that this club is new and has no history to rely on.  Visitors also must calculate for themselves all the risk factors including: economic, political, currency, management, and other risks involved recognizing that there is always the possibility of total loss of funds and that one should never invest funds they cannot afford to lose.