Americans for due process


Rogue Courts

The courts have gone out of control and routinely deny the inhabitants on the land due process in order to serve political agendas and to drum up business.


The law provides for significant damages to be awarded for egregious violations.  These often add up to be many millions.

Recourse & Restitution

The most frequent and biggest violations occur in the state and county courts where the old boy network protects itself.  Our paralegal practitioners and attorneys can raise the issue in federal court and/or international court where the criminals don't have the same advantage and justice can actually be served. 

Numbers to Play With

Our first case has damages well exceeding $100 million.  Initial costs typically start at around $10,000 and can escalate from there.  Let's just say we had to invest $50,000 over time to share in 15% of the award damages. Run the hypothetical numbers using that example.   A small case would see $20-$40 million in damages. 

Settlement & Liquidation

The actors have, or are supposed to have, bonds in place for these liabilities.  The insurance companies or bond holders will pay.  Once they see the freight train bearing down on them, they often offer to settle out of court without going to trial and thus  avoid the political embarrassment. 

Supply and Demand

There is no shortage of supply regarding victims of abuse with valid, high value cases and we have the channel to locate them.   Our first case has been selected and the damages exceed $100 million.