Precious Metals



Starting October 1st, 2018, a minimum of 10% of the portfolio contributions are held in precious metals which are mainly silver and gold.  We feel that this provides us stability much like the ballast does in a ship to keep it upright in the water.

Upside Potential

Understanding that the global financial system is about to undergo a serious 're-set', this 10% of portfolio could potentially rise significantly in value to the point of matching all other value in the portfolio.  While we don't purchase this for speculation most experts in the industry will tell you that the markets for gold and silver have been artificially suppressed for a long time and prices 'should be' much higher based on economic fundamentals.  

Having metals in our portfolio merely provides us a solid  base of value we can count on with the luxury of being convertible any day of the week in emergencies. 


As asset value grows in this sector of our portfolio, the physical metal (no ETFs) will be held in secure, bonded vaults in: The USA, Switzerland and/or Panama.  These vaults are private, well established and not a part of any banking system.

Payments in Gold

When  the trustees declare distributions to certificate unit holders, those distributions will be made with gold and deposited into a gold account you will have set up with a Swiss vault. Included with this account will be a VISA debit card which will enable you to sell gold from your account and access it with the convenience of a debit card.